Printed Sensors for Environmental Monitoring in Apple Orchards

The AGRITECH project aims to develop environmentally sustainable printed sensors for monitoring environmental parameters. The impedimetric humidity sensors consist of two elements: filter paper as the substrate and PEDOT conductive ink as the interdigitated electrodes, fabricated using a very low-cost dispense printer technique. After assessing the sensor performance in the climate chamber in the labs at the NOI facilities and the Free University of Bolzano, the sensors will be evaluated for their performance, lifetime, and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions in the field at the LIDO apple orchards.

The Sensing Technologies lab, led by Prof. Petti and Prof. Lugli from the Free University of Bolzano, is dedicated to developing sustainable wearable environmental sensors for plants. Starting in June 2024, the sensors have been placed in real agricultural settings at LIDO.

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